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What actually are these elements that super-charge natural spring water? As I do not yet have a natural clean drinking water source in my house in Amsterdam, I like to upgrade my tap-drinking water back to its natural from energetically as much as possible, as often as I can! I also just love playing with water so it is part fun, part healthy effects — a great combination. To charge your water you have an endless amount of possibilities.

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But before you start charging I would recommend if possible filtering your tap-water. In the Netherlands you can use a Brita water filter from the whole foods store.

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Tip; buying both the refill-filters as well as the pitcher itself is often cheaper on-line. The filter instruction says it will last you one month; this is really two. Also here it is still people selling stuff simple marketing and wanting you to just buy a lot. It stayed in place long enough for me to grab the camera and take a picture, how about that for charging my water, wow! Drinking alkaline solar water helps to keep our muscle tissues hydrated which helps our vital organs function at a more optimal rate as disease thrives in a acidic state.

Well why not?! Beautifully put Elizabeth. It is wonderful to see how much pleasure you are getting out of this, especially the wild swimming.

I Waterproofed Myself With Aerogel!

You look so happy in the photos. Mum xxx. What a wonderful article!

I too have used swimming to manage my mental health. Wild swimming is my passion and Ifni could I would swim every day. Keep swimming and keep writing!

Can You Over Hydrate by Drinking Too Much?

Dear Elizabeth — I am so proud of you for pushing forward. I have a T shirt that says I swim to beat back the crazy. I looked down and saw Thena looking at the floor, nodding occasionally. When Desi and Harlan left, Thena called me down.

In silence she walked me out onto the fields, where no one would eavesdrop. It was now late in the evening. I felt the stiff air of summer releasing into the night. I was all anticipation, feeling I knew what was coming, and when I heard the night sounds of nature all around us like a chorus, I believed they were singing to a grand future.

22 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

And I know that even though we all have to handle the brutal ways of this world, you have handled them better than some of your elders. You cannot forget yourself up there, and we cannot forget each other.

They calling us up, now, you hear? That trick of yours, and I seen it, we all seen it, it got me too. I am to come up and tend to you, and you might think you have saved me from something, but what you have really done is put me right under their eye.

10 genius ways to trick yourself into drinking more water

But I got a choice down here. Up there, with them right over you. Be careful. Remember like I told you. I am more your mother standing right here now than that white man on that horse is your father.


She was trying to tell me, trying to warn me of what was coming.