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The Tibetan Empire: 7th- 9th century: A Lecture by Matthew Kapstein

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Necklace of Gzi

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What is Gzi

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Norbu Jamyang's Documents

We are very fair and easy to deal with. We will solve it for you. We are glad to service for you. I must glad to resolve it friendly. Goods without item number will NOT be accepted. This is very important. We hope you are satisfied with our products and services. We are very willing to accept everything. His analysis of the Kanjur and Tanjur was included in Waddell, L. Various contributions to Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Dictionary, Grammar and Coll Writings representing Budapest Born , Taktser, Amdo, East Tibet of humble origins.

Songtsän Gampo

Located and recognized as Dalai Lama incarnation 2 years later via portents discerned at the oracle lake Lhama Lhatso. Began education at 6 years; at 24 years took preliminary exams at Sera, Drepung and Ganden monastic university's; final exams held at Jokhang 'Cathedral' of Lhasa during Monlam Festival; awarded Geshe Lharampa degree with honours at age At age 16 assumed full temporal powers early because of Chinese Communist threat.

Made unsuccessful appeals to United Nations on behalf of Tibetan people. Has also very successfully worked to resettle , Tibetan refugees and to preserve Tibetan religion, culture, etc. In he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Widely travelled in both East and West though has never returned to his native Tibet , has met political and spiritual leaders including two Popes, an Archbishop of Canterbury, etc. Has impressed people everywhere with his very Buddhist message of peace and kindness:' My religion is very simple - my religion is kindness.

David- Neel, Alexandra Pioneering French mystic, traveller and author. Discovered East religion and philosophy at Musee Guimet Paris at age 'My vocation was born there and then'. Became singer with Opera Comique; later turned to journalism. In East for next 20 years.

In Sikkim met Lama Yongden, her future travelling companion and adopted son. Went into retreat in Himalayan cave-hermitage; met Tibetan teachers who taught her Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy. Ventured 3 times into Tibet, once reaching Shigatse before being turned back.

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Studied at Kumbum monastery East Tibet. Later returned to France via India; subsequently engaged in study and writing at Digne until died at age Recognized as mind incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Studied under many distinguished lamas for all four schools, notably Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro, and spent 20 years in retreat. A Terton, has also written many meditation texts and commentaries notable for their poetic beauty. Travels extensively giving teachings in Bhutan, Nepal, India and the West. Has also visited France, where he supervises students undergoing long retreat.

Has transmitted teachings to Dalai Lama. Has thriving centre in Australia. An interest in the rebirth doctrine took him to East. Died near Encinitas, California at age 88 years. Hoffmann; Pioneer Western exponent and expositor of Tibetan Buddhism. Born Waldheim old kingdom of Saxony of German father and Bolivian mother family had mining interests in Bolivia.

Invalided out of World War I. During World War II: interned. Subsequently devoted himself to magnum opus: The Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism. Recognized as tulku but not ordained, instead wandered freely; education supervised by father. At 13 years began formal studies at Palpung monastery. At Palpung and elsewhere studied sutra and tantra teachings; received instruction and empowerments from many great lamas. At age 16 undertook 3 years retreat at Kunzang Dechen osel Ling under the direction of root lama, Norbu Tondrup, from whom he received complete transmission of teachings of Karma Kagyu and Shangba Kagyu traditions.

At age 25 embarked on 12 years solitary retreat in mountains of Kham. At request of Tai Situpa, returned to Palpung to become Director of 3 years retreats. Made pilgrimage to Buddhist holy places in India. Karma Thinley Rinpoche Sakyapa lama active in the West. Born , Nangchen, Kham, East Tibet. Special initiations: Hevarjra, Vajarayogini Vajapani and Chakrasamvara. Has made a special study of basic Sakya text known as lam-dre 'The Path and its Fruit'.

Specialization: tshogs-shay transmission of Sakya Lam-dre teachings and Kagyu Mahamudra teachings. Hold Khenpo degree. Marpa This Tibetan layman is thought to have imported songs and text from Bengal to Tibet, particularly those belonging to the Mahamudra doctrine. He is mainly venerated for having translated many Indian text into Tibetan and as the master guru of Milarepa. He was himself a disciple of Naropa and Maitripa, and is considered to be the founder of the Bka-rgyud-pa sect.

Milarepa's autobiography recounts how in his youth he practiced black magic in order to take revenge on relatives who deprived his mother of the family inheritance. He later repented and sought Buddhist teaching. After undergoing many tests and ordeals under Marpa, he received initiation from him. He spent the rest of his life meditating in mountain caves and teaching his disciples.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche Dzogchen master and scholar. Born , Derge dist, East Tibet. At 2 years, recognized as reincarnation of Adjom Drukpa, a great Dzogchen master of early 20th Century. Received initiations from two uncles, both Dzogchen masters, and from others. Age 5 -9, educated at Dereg Gonchen monastery, and later went on to Dzongsar monastic college for c 6 years. At 14 received Vajrayogini initiations according to the Sakya school and later received transmissions from years old woman teacher.

Returning to Tibet, forced to flee the country due to violent political upheavals. The Dzogchen Community, an informal association of students practising under his guidance, has arisen. Speaks English though prefers Italian. Married with two children.