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No one has lower self esteem than me. CuNxTu Report. He obsessed with Japan and anyone on Earth dares to say anything, even if its true about that country he would gone mad. We once walked in Tokyo as he insist to visit that country and we saw loads of prostitutes around. He said those must be women from poorer country, like Vietnam, as Japanese are "too cool for that".

This is a sign of a bigger problem: he forms an opinion and defends it regardless of fact. I broke up with a guy because he was forcing me to be a fat, furry characters in our roleplays, even when i told him so many times that I hate these things. That was not the only thing, he even forgot my birthday, flirted with my, under age female friend, and even with my ex. The last drop was when he started me sending fake pictures of his genitals, which were much bigger than his real ones, he then blamed me that I made it all up.

Sounds like you dodged a bullet with that guy - he sounds a little or a lot crazy lol. Didn't know our relationships were tied together like that. Seems like she didn't date you base on her emotion but merely to match up with her friend. That's cruel to play with other people feeling like this..

He had been cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend for two weeks because he'd been feeling neglected. I had been enrolled in a therapy group by my doctor for clinical depression and social anxiety. A week later, he tells me he broke up with her and wants me back. I said no. He sent a last resort dick pic.

I still said no. The next day, his girlfriend finds me on Facebook and messages me to stop bothering her man.

How Breaking Up Will Save Your Relationship (6 Ways!)

His stupidity was mind boggling. I'm happily single. He spoiled Doctor Who for me. Serious spoilers. CopperTodd17 Report. I dated a guy I had known since we were kids, but had been years since we had seen each other. The first weekend I spent with him, we went to the bar with his friends. After, we all went to his house to watch some stand-up comedy. The red flag was his friends told me "Don't worry.

He does this all the time". I got along with her father, she liked me because I was a rebel. I still miss her dad. We were at a dinner party with his friends another couple the friends start talking about how it's really difficult to get a decent job with all the migrants. I laugh expecting the joke to be over, it wasn't, he agrees. I'm Mexican I left never saw him again. She would only eat at restaurants that served Mountain Dew.

She called herself "pretty much a psychologist" after taking Psych Amazing how many people associated with that field need it more than the patients. I was dating a guy briefly early this Spring. He was a bigger guy, about 6'4" and lbs. Two weeks into dating, when I'd try to have a conversation with him, he started to use this tiny, nasally, lispy baby voice to talk to me with! He said stuff like "oh mah gerd", "awww, poor baybay" or "cool story bro" All in the lispy baby voice!

It was the biggest turn off ever, so I ghosted. No wonder he is single. A guy left me because I was doing my Master in Cultural Studies. He said that it's not serious course enough and I haven't planned my futhure well.

Mechanical Sex: The Relationship Between Intercourse And Intimacy

Two weeks later, he was dating a a two-classes-lower student of the same studies. I can not blame him, she had like amazing boobs. I left 2 bottles of expensive French wine at his place when I left, told him to keep him for next time we would see each other. He drank them with his buddies at a camping trip, told me about it afterwards, still asked me if I could bring more "of that french wine he got drunk on" Animal.

She would sing along with songs that were playing on the radio, but with a delay of. It got SO annoying, SO quickly. As a musician myself, that really annoys me. Also, when people sing the lyrics before the artist does on the track, constantly, it just really spoils the song. I was on a second date with a guy and we were at a local bar with one of the best bottle selections in town. As I'm standing there analyzing the different bottles, trying to narrow down what I'd like to try, he orders us two Busch Lites. I stopped returning his calls after that. She didn't know butter was made from milk.

I took a bus, ferry, and subway to commute to her place. She wouldn't reciprocate. The commuting distribution was wildly uneven! AlfSilfversson Report. He mispronounced words. Drove me crazy. Subtle was one of the words. He said SUB til. I just couldn't Soregular Report. My husband of 19 years does this and it drives me nuts. But he does it intentionally which is worse.

And sometimes when ordering food he will use a fake accent. I once dumped a guy because we were doing the same things every day, like it was an army routine. I saw my life flash before my eyes with all my future days being the same. So, to break the cycle, he had to go. I think this is a very reasonable situation to end it. If you feel being trapped in a cycle and you dislike it, then you have to take unpleasant steps, now and then. She left me because I brought flowers and a love letter to her house because we had a pointless fight over text the day prior.

Obviously meant as a surprise. When I asked if she's serious she reminded me that she told me 3 months before that she hates surprises and that this was the second strike. I know someone who broke up with their SO because whenever they took a bite from a fork they would bite down on it while they slid it out of their front teeth. Makes me cringe thinking about it. Found out she was banging a friend and smoking crack around our baby daughter.

She had the smelliest upper buttcrack. Its almost as if she would wash her buttcrack with a dirtier buttcrack. TexasFight Report. She said she was a big Pink Floyd fan. Later, didn't recognize Pink Floyd on the radio. OMG, you are so musically ignorant that you didn't recognize Pink Floyd?! At the very least you should know all about all of the band members, their strengths and weaknesses.

You should be totally ashamed of yourself. Barbeque sauce. She was from St. Louis and decided that St. Louis style was the ONLY bbq sauce that she would use. I'm getting angry now. I made a comment about hating the fact that there are security cameras everywhere. She fired back with the bullshit "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" argument. I knew we weren't meant to be. I agree with you, just because you have nothing to hide, doesn't mean you want it broadcast live. Oh, I have so many stories about him but i'm gonna tell the one that was the last drop for me.

We were in his room. I was sitting on his bed and at one point i was looking under his bed and i saw bottles filled with something.

I was afraid to ask, but i did it: "is it pee? It was. Seven big bottles of pee because he was too lazy to walk in to the hall to the bathroom. I can somehow understand laziness, but why keep 7 bottles of pee?! During sex, her giant dog jumped up on the bed and licked my balls from behind. Freaked me out, and I completely ghosted her after that. We were doing doggy style. On a first date we had a coffee then went for a walk at his suggestion to somewhere he liked.

We walked for 20 minutes and then he stopped and said thoughtfully, 'I thought we'd sit here. No second date. She left me because she thought I was going to leave her for another guy.

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I'm bisexual, and was head over heels in love with her. She would constantly say the names of the stores we passed by while driving. Jiffy Lube. Huh, a Spencers. Gym-boooo-ree that's how she would say it. I was the one got dumped but I was talking on the phone to my then girlfriend and my brother says "what if you take her home, and find out her dick is bigger than yours? She asked me what was so funny and I like an idiot told her. She broke up with me as soon as I was done telling her.

Thinking back on it, I wonder if my brother was right? I doubt your brother was right - she probably just realised what how immature and nasty you were. Bullet dodged We ate mushrooms one night in college and we were coming down laying in bed and I realized she had a weird smell about her. I forgot about it, fell asleep, and after a couple more times seeing each other I ended it because the smell was permanent. Her natural aroma. I just couldn't shake it. It was like a combination of poppers and sweaty feet. We weren't a great match anyways but the smell made the choice easy. Fun fact, smell is one of the many ways that humans will subconsciously identify if they are biologically compatible with each other, i.

She said one of my dogs was, "kinda ugly. I'd love someone honest enough to say that. It means whenever she complements you on anything, it's honest, and that if you do something she doesn't like, she'll actually tell you instead of pretending it's all fine. Met the guy on the Saturday, by the next Saturday I had around texts off him, he'd send 10 in the time I'd take to reply once.

He blew my phone up constantly to the point where I could hardly carry a conversation with someone else, if I was busy for even an hour I'd find myself having to read 50 texts afterwards! I once broke up with a girl because she was just so fake. She wouldn't just be REAL. The deal breaker was when she tried to steal my unicorn. I told her she was the worst girlfriend i could ever imagine. My current imaginary girlfriend is much nicer. We were dating for a week when he took me on a trip to meet his family. Not that big of an issue, I guess.

Then at the two week mark, he told me he loved me. Right after he said that, he decided to tell me every minute detail about the texture of his ex's vagina. At the three week mark, he showed up at my house at 4 am and moved all of his stuff in. He stole my house key to do it saying it was a surprise. Oh, and he constantly stole cigarettes from me even though he had asthma. Wait, you stuck around for a week after he gave you a full, detailed description of his ex's vagina? When she wore heels, she walked like Jar-Jar-Binks. You know what I'm talking about. Wolvestailor Report. He believes that the earth is flat.

He let his dog defacate inside the house on the carpet. It was still there 4 days later. She always ordered food, ate half of it, then ate half of mine. Then she would offer to share what she ordered, but I didn't like the stuff she ordered. I went out with a girl a few times who was completely normal whenever she was around me, but whenever I saw her with her friends she morphed into one of those weird, screaming, over-excited girls who seem like a flock of chickens.

Big turn-off. Double negatives. I tried to help by explaining that it's unnecessary. She responded, "I don't never do that! I asked him to bring a bottle of red wine to go with dinner and he brought Raspberry Arbor Mist. AmyDooodle Report. She ate her peas one at time. One at a time!

No-Mas-Pantalones Report. She asked for ketchup for her steak at an an expensive steakhouse. Arpikarhu Report. Her voice was annoying and when speaking she placed emphasis on the weirdest parts of the sentence. This girl was taking too many selfies with me, showing me off to so many people, sexy girl but I felt like a cat. After 45 minutes of having sex in the same position, asked if he wanted to change positions.

His response? We have to stick to the agenda. Had a friend who's new husband whipped out a sex manual on their honeymoon and started on page one. He voted for Trump. Years ago I dated a guy who was obsessed with cherry Chapstick. He'd slather it on obsessively including before we'd have sex. Recently a friend was matched with him on OKCupid and asked me if I knew him. I was telling her about the Chapstick thing, and as she scrolls through his profile, we see a list of top 5 things he can't do without. Number 1? My brother who is a bit of a shithead anyways broke up with a girl because she had dentures and didn't tell him.

She had been in an accident and had all her teeth knocked out. He tried to paint it as her being dishonest, but I called bullshit. She let him put it in, and he was ready to move on to the next one. I feel bad for the girl. Not all accidents can be prevented. I hope she found herself a REAL man, instead of children like that brother. The guy I was with kept sighing when he didn't know what to say. Also he blinked slowly. It drove me mad. PixelPoppah Report. He would whine like a puppy when we made out I was dumped because I used my windshield wipers too often.

He would put his mouth over my nose and blow down it. Most horrific thing ever. I started dating a guy in high school. After about a year of dating, one day out of the blue he mentioned that I was "getting fat". I changed my lifestyle habits and started exercising. Soon after, I had lost 40 pounds and started getting compliments from friends and family members on my progress, some of which were male.

My boyfriend didn't like the attention I was getting from "other guys", and told me that I needed to "put some more weight back on" because he was jealous. She pronounced it "cold slaw". EnysAtSea Report. She wouldn't french kiss when we made out! I couldn't wrap my head around what she thought making out was.

What do you do in this situation?! Do you just peck at one another's face until you become aggravated and try to move on? The dynamics were just all wrong. I had a bf like that! It was our first kiss, and after a while I just got so fed up, that I forced my tongue through his lips. Later I found out he had been sexually assaulted as a child, so maybe it wasn't the best thing I did, but he played it cool and took the hint. He once came with his eyes open and crossed. Just really freaked me out. I could never get the picture of his face out of my mind after that.

After spending the evening at the mall, we bought something a clerk gave us a ticket with a discount for the parking, I laughed and told him that I didn't have a car, after walking a few steps my ex told me that I had embarrassed her for not having one. I decided right there and then that I wouldn't ever marry that type of b! Had a gf who broke up with me because her father died.

Guess who answered the phone. She walked like a T. He and I were living in different states, I was still studying and wanted to pursue a career where I currently was, while he had a great job back home. He was self conscious about the distance between us and gave me an ultimatum, be with him and some point marry him or end things. Well, I guess you know how it went. She said she saw my dead mother in my room in the middle of the night while I went to the toilet. I asked her to leave and that was the end.

He smeared blood all over my apartment when I was out. Came home to him yelling at me. Then he jumped out my window. I live on the third floor. He broke his pelvis, don't know if he ever learned to walk again. I dated a guy who would complain constantly and then get mad when I gave him advice. I stopped saying anything when he complained and he accused me of not listening. I dated this guy for a few months, he was getting on my nerves with his constant baby talk. I was trying to let it go when my mom suggested I bring him to my birthday dinner to meet my family.

I invited him and my parents wanted me to open my card. As I was opening my card, my boyfriend handed a card to my mother addressed to both my parents. My mom and dad both looked freaked out. When I read the card, it was a hand written card thanking my parents for having sex and creating me. SEE YA! He called it 'Malk' and drank it with dinner. With an 'i' goddamn it. Every time we french kissed, she said, "Yummy! We had just started seeing each other and one day he started telling me about a cougar that hit on him at the gym she made eye contact. He wouldn't stop talking about her so I blocked him.

I wonder if he actually got a date with the cougar. He plucked his eyelashes. No, I'm not confused, I mean his actual eyelashes, on his actual lids. The guy who maintained my website had no eyebrows because he had a compulsion to pick his eyebrows. She sold my copy of "Amused to Death", signed by Roger Waters basicalky for peanuts, to make money for a present for her kid brother.

I was caught between killing her or leaving her. I told her it bothered me, but she thought it was cute or something so she did it often. One night while eating a slice of pizza she kept rubbing her hand up and down my arm, I had decided enough was enough and loudly broke up with her.

At least we all know what you deem to be more important, and 'she' isn't it. Believe me, she is far better off for it. He lived on a busy street. His bedroom had two large windows that faced the street. No curtains. I was dating a guy, and we were together for about 5 months when all of the sudden he told me that it wasn't working out. I asked him why, he said that I was "too good to him" and then that was the last I heard from him. Lamest excuse ever to give to someone.. I went out on one date with a guy then he self declares, without my opinion or permission, that he is my boyfriend.

He then proceeds to call me 'My Love' and called me at 3am everyday! It came to a point where I just ghosted the guy. His calls lasted a month then he went silent and I took it as a sign that he was over me, but no, two weeks from that last call he made to me he started calling again this time with a different number to tell me he 'broke up' with his new gf. The guy is mental! I had one guy break up with me in high school because he said the ghost of his dead aunt told him to.

I once dated a girl who refused to make any noise while we had sex. Eventually she quit moving when we had sex too. When I asked her why. She says "if I don't make any sounds I like it. He laughed at me for half an hour straight when I told him I wanted to fly a fighter plane for the Navy. Now that's just rude. You go do it if you want to Emily. I'm sure you'll prove him wrong. Post a pic in your plane. She was a swimmer at the university we went to and would only shower like once a week her excuse was she was always in the water anyways.

Once we were in bed, I couldn't shake the stench and how sticky her skin was from all the sweat and chlorine. Bad hygiene is a turn off and some body parts really should be taken care of better. I'd have dinner ready for him every night when he got home from work and every single time he would say "my mum makes it better". His head was too small. Like freakish, shrunken head small. He was a big dude 6'4 pounds, with this tiny child size head I could completely wrap my tiny girl hands around.

My friend still call him Tiny Head Paul. I hope he found someone to love him and that petite noggin of his. TheMapesHotel Report. She held her fork overhanded, as in the shovel technique. You can't take someone like that anywhere. Got a divorce because I came home from deployment and my house was super dirty. Like hoarder dirty. I broke up with my first love because of peer pressure and i regretted it for a very long time. MelMelMax Report. I once dating a guy, after having sx, I go to take a shower but I did not lock the door. He open the door suddenly without saying anything and doing his poo poo.

Sorry for my bad English. Every time he liked something he would say "that's-a-nice" like Borat. Another guy would touch my boob and whisper "squeeze". He broke up with me because i was sexually assaulted and it was my fault because I wasn't strong enough to push him off. Me and my ex boyfriend were dating in park, we are happy and enjoying the day then suddenly he borrowed my apple iPod then he check my Facebook activity, he saw that I was liked someone picture post then he throw my iPod in a street, after that we end our relationship and I told him to replaced my iPod.

I learned that I will never be in relationship to the guy that was younger than me. I once dated a guy who was so lazy, he never wanted to work, study or go out. He wanted to live off his parents income for the rest of his life. His parents had to force him to even go to a dinner dance that my dance group was hosting. He threw a huge fit saying "my mum never took me to those when I was a kid" and flung my hand off his hand.

After 4 weeks of his laziness, I left him. I broke up with my ex partially Like only missionary, no noises, hour long awful silent sex. I loved him otherwise but that was so painfully boring I couldn't keep going. I always wonder if people like this ever tried talking to their partners? Maybe he thought that was the way she wanted it and was taking an hour because it was also very boring for him? One ex ended up being horribly mean and rude to her whole family and would curse the out in front of me, and I didnt like that.

Then as i started to break up with her she asked me to stay with her so that she could win a bet with her mom that i wasnt breaking up with her. I was on a date with a very boisterous and buxom girl who lived in one of the other houses my landlord owned. She seemed nice so I took her to a nice restaurant for dinner one evening. She never stopped talking!

I should say at this point that I had recently been commended at work for my honesty. At one point in the evening, my nerves frayed by the one sided conversation, she said her mother thought she talked too much, what did I think? My honesty ensured we never had a second date. He asked me to wear a scarf on my head! Screw that m out. When I was 19 I took my girlfriend to a local concert. She asked if she could bring a friend, which was fine as I was bringing some friends.

Turns out the friend she brought was her boyfriend. To make matters worse there was another dude there that was her "boyfriend" too. All three of us broke up with her that night. I was a young freshly single mom. He would literally race me to change my infant son's diaper. The third time we hung out, he asked, "soo what do you think about people who like get married really fast after meeting?

Good for you. This is not a stupid reason. If someone told me to "hush babe, the men are talking. She had a mole on her eyelid. Every time I kissed her I saw it when I was leaning in. I started having dreams that the mole was talking to me That was the end. Didn't I see that exact plot on Friends, or Scrubs, or something of the sort?

Also, if it bothered you that much, you're kind of a douche for hooking up with her in the first place. It's not exactly her fault, and I'm pretty sure moles are kind of a bitch to remove from eyelids, even if she wanted to. He wouldn't use tongue when we made out. If I tried, he'd stop kissing me and teasingly say, "Put that tongue back in there.

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I dumped him because we went on one date- ONE DATE- and halfway through that date, he started talking about how he feels what strong chemistry we have and how he knows we're gonna be together forever, we'll buy a house and get married and he'll adopt my young son So I dumped him and he blew up my phone daily for almost two months after.

He would always stare at me no matter what I did. We could be walking or he could be driving and he'd always have his neck craned down, staring at me. Turns out after I broke up with him he turned into a complete psychopath. Didn't surprise me one bit. I was dumped because I was not "totally and completely" in love with him, after just 1 week. I told him to take it slow, he told me he couldn't be with someone who doesn't share his feelings He said my hair was too short, and I needed to pull on it as often as possible every day to make it grow faster. This guy and I were very much in love.

We got along great and had alot of fun together. One day we had planned a really great day together but he never showed up. I called and ge was really distant with me. I asked him to come over so we could talk. He came over and he barely could look at me. I asked him what was wrong and ge started to cry. He said he had to break up with me because his mother told him he had to.

He said his mother wanted him to go out with someone from their church. He liked to make out with my ear more than he liked to make out with me. My ear! Heavy breathing, tongue and all. That one didn't last long. I'm all about a little lobe-nibbling here and there, but FFS I don't want a wet willy with your tongue and your breathing is making me deaf. Like he did actual slap bets. He was constantly quoting the show. One day I was trying to have a serious conversation with him about my anxiety and depression and he had said something about how when he's sad he just stops being sad and is happy instead.

Laying in bed, naked, and the guy who didn't tell me he was a virgin until afterwards slips it in for all of three seconds beforehand finishing. I freak out since there was no condom and he turns to look straight into my eyes and says "don't worry, I'll be a great dad. I won't go anywhere. When I was 12 I had my first girlfriend.

I broke up with her because she tried to make out with me and I was scared because I never had. Fast forward a year, we were back together and I broke up with her again because she wanted to go all the way. Fast forward 7 years, she's in prison for selling drugs. Good choice. She wouldn't change the volume on the TV to an even number. I mean how hard is it to put the TV on 30 instead of Dude, one time this girl played with my dick hole and made it look like it was talking, while she imitated baby talk.

I found an open condom wrapper in his bathroom trash can. I confronted him and he said his cat was playing with the condom and probably poked a few holes. I left immediately because the condom was missing from the wrapper.

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He wore lipstick. I had some guy steal my lipstick and brown eyeshadow. And I couldn't find those colors again. That was as he was already leaving for other reasons. I was interested in this girl I worked with. Gave her a ride home one night and she invited me in. She had an month old daughter, which I was okay with. She used the wet, crappy diaper as a wipe, nothing else, and left a lot of poo on the poor kid, then went right back to talking like it was no big deal. Bye, Felicia! Her mouth made a trapezoid when she talked Unclebergs Report.

Funny, I just had a friend telling me stories of a guy who broke up with his girlfriends for petty reasons. Apparently he broke up with his most recent ex for two reasons: 1: She didn't know how to make scrambled eggs. One spoonful at a time. You can't unsee that shit, even now it makes me want puke. I met a guy on Tinder. On our first date, he took me to a pizza joint and told me he is a vegan but said I can still order what I like.

I ordered one of the specialty meaty pizza only to have him criticize and try to convert me the rest of the night. I told him I had to rush for my train to get home and ghosted him since. Local radio station had a similar line of questions and were talking calls a while back. I heard this girl explain that every time she was driving with her date, he would make squealing tire noses under his breath every time they turned. Always made me laugh thinking of that. Could be projecting her opinion of herself onto you cause she can not deal with criticizing herself. I got dumped because our sex life had really gotten bad I wanted to more often then him I'm a girl and he didnt want to as often.

I asked him why he never wanted to have sex and he told me if I lost weight he would want to more often I was a little chubby but not huge by any means! He quit working out with me but I continued. About a week later I was still upset about him basically calling me fat He told me I should 'just get over it'. She walked too slow. We'd go out somewhere and walk down the street and I'd turn around and she's like 20 feet behind me. She was allergic to peanut butter.

Like really bad. If I was gonna see her I couldn't have peanut butter for the two days before. That's a life I don't want to live. Chriscros14 Report. I could deal with that, I don't like peanut butter. I was dating two guys with the same name. It was getting confusing. So I dumped one. Been with the other for 27 years now. I would have thought that would make it easier, not harder.

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No chance of calling them by the wrong name! He thought I looked like Cindy Crawford even though I really don't and would call me not by name but always Cindy. He thought it was a compliment, I thought it was bullshit. So Cindy says bye bye. I broke up with my ex because he wasn't only a big narcissist, who tought that he was the most funniest guy in the world.

He made up really stupid songs about himself like "uncle Wes, uncle Wes, is the best" Wes is short for Wesley and laugh. He was also very gross. For example he tought I would appreciate it to get pictures of is poop. Clearly I didn't. I was broken up with when I was She said I wasn't providing a good enough life for her. I had no family to speak of and literally started out on my own at 16 with just clothes.

I talked to her about it and she wanted me to own a fully furnished nice house, a brand new car, and have daily maid service. Needless to say I didn't try to win her back when I found that out. Last I heard she was single and living with her mom almost 10 years later. If I'm not good enough to live in a shack with then I'm not good enough to live in a mansion with either.

Love me and not my possessions. Turned out she was a he. He smelled soo bad. I could smell his junk through his pant when I stood next to him. Also his teeth were super yellow. I took him to prom and he didn't smell and his teeth were whitish. So I figured he cleaned himself for once and really didn't care for his personal hygiene.. Dated a guy that thought every sex session was a marathon My vagina is much happier now. Took her out for Steak and she plunged the fork in the middle of the Steak and started biting off chunks. I looked at him, really looked at him from a distance, and realized that his head was just waaaay too big for his body.

I spent the next two weeks trying to convince myself that it really wasn't that big, or that even if it was, I shouldn't care. But I couldn't get it out of my head so Not me but a friend broke up with his last gf because "she chewed popcorn too loudly during movies". His nickname is Costanza now. The-Fox-Says Report. She watched me play Halo and told me I wasn't as good as I thought I was. Well, you may not be after all. But what in Blue Blazes are you doing on a date, and playing a computer game? It says more about you than her. I broke up with this girl because she was ready loud no matter where we were at, and she have an even louder laugh; one time we were at church an the priest said a funny comment that got some small soft laughs from the people, and then my ex laughed SO laugh than not only the congregation stared at us, but even the preist said: "we'll I'm glad that somebody really enjoyed my comment".

I had once a crazy possessive type of girlfriend who didn't trust me to even be in de next room with a bunch of people without her being there all clingy and coy. After almost two years of hell dating her, she wanted to get married and wanted me to propose to her one evening during dinner at a fancy restaurant. I was so desperate of a way out that I told her I have epilepsy and gave her a show of a grand seizure right there and then. Well never seen hide nor hair of her since. I'm transgendered F to M and at 19, I was still a bit confused about myself.

Dated this guy for two months until I figured it out, I totally was not gay. Told him that I like girls and dumped him. Poor guy. He started dating men after that, so I guess everything turned out alright? This comment is hidden. Click here to view. She was so jealous to my bestie also a girl , so she asked me to stop my contact with her. I don't miss her. Or find a woman who doesn't have such a fragile ego that she would expect you to drop your best friend He told me that he felt like I was always choosing my dog over him.

It's a dog! I told him he was right. Me Ex girlfriend smoked meth and laughed when she told me about it. Never again. His pregnant, soon-to-be baby's mom threw a brick at my windshield That did it for me. A guy asked me out to dinner, drove for an hour to a rundown looking kebab store that did the 'biggest kebabs ever' and despite my offering a few alternative options we went in and ordered. When the cashier rang up the price, no shit, this dude Faked a phone call and went and stood outside with one eye on the till until the second I had finished paying.

He then took my left overs home for his parents. This is so cheap! I don't ask a man to pay the whole bill, I like to pay half but they should at least offer! She drank beer from a can through a straw. Not the only reason we broke up, but that was the straw that broke it. LetsBurnThings Report. She tried to snuggle and be cute during Inception.

Never once did she pay attention. Then it ended and she told me she hated it because it was too confusing. I never could let it go.

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AlextheGuy Report. He wears Crocs and sweats. All the time. We were on a date in his car and had a flat tire. He didn't have Roadside Assistance and he didn't know how to change a flat tire on his own car. I ended up having to do it. I made him take me home right after that. She would send me voicenotes of her singing along to movies and songs and then ask repeatedly if I was smiling or blushing while listening to the voicenotes.

She constantly wanted me to react to things she did. If you want to have better dating outcomes you have to learn the lessons, or the Universe will keep bringing you the same reoccurring lessons. Are you putting your personal development on pause every time you enter a relationship? How investing too much in significant others can be detrimental to your own growth. Are you a fixer? Are you attracted to people who need you vs. Do you secretly need to be needed? In taking responsibility for a breakup you empower yourself to change your future story.

If a breakup was in no way your fault then there is nothing you can do to change your dating outcome in the future. Have you been focusing on superficial qualities like height, or fashion sense? Looking for a Life Partner? These are just a few ideas that are common amongst daters. I encourage you to dig deep in considering what your individual lessons may be. Everything in life happens for a reason, and everything happens in seasons. This person came into your life for a season for you to experience and share love together ultimately leaving each other both as different people.

You can be angry and jaded, or you can appreciate the shared season of love, the time spent together and the opportunities for lessons that will ultimately leave you a better person. I hope you will choose the latter despite it being the more challenging choice. Even more important I hope this guide has given you many strategies to help you through your recovery.

On the go, no time to read? No problem listen here. Your pain is scientifically real! Luckily broken heart syndrome is treatable. Narcissistic Wounding is the process of blaming yourself for the breakup. Wikipedia — Broken Heart As a dater whose been narcissistic-ally wounded you are incredibly vulnerable. Post breakup emotions are in alignment with the stages of grief: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Those first 3 stages are especially dangerous when combined with sleep deprivation or drunkenness.

Renew Breakup Bootcamp by Amy Chan The beauty of Renew Breakup Bootcamp is that it address so many of the subset problems we face when going through a breakup. This breakup retreat includes: a chef to prepare nutritious meals Remember the appetite suppression caused by cortisone a specialized psychologist forces you to get past therapy stigma and take advantage of a professional resource Meditation and yoga helping with mindfulness and being present in the now a number of specialist to teach you various strategies The retreat happens in the wilderness and you are required to be off the grid for its entirety.

Plan a cheap weekend getaway with a trusted friend or two. Surrender your phone to them. Make a no advice giving rule. Book a local yoga class. Book some spa services for relaxation. Eat at quality healthy delicious restaurants. Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Nora is the author of the blog Love From the Other Side and a business owner. Nora is a blogger, a writer, a passionate person who enjoys developing new ideas and entrepreneurial projects. Define yourself by your passions, traits, desires, developed and evolving qualities not by your tangible acquisitions.

KarmaMethod Instead of being a partner something that ends when the partnership ends , be a lover. A lover is someone capable of giving and receiving love. Post breakup you are still this. You can acquire beauty through spirit, through the energy you extend to and receive from others, through self care, through your appreciation of beautiful things. Instead of being wealthy , be financially educated and savvy. You can lose wealth but you can rebuild it if you are financially educated and money savvy. Once you begin to define yourself in terms of qualities and not acquisitions, no one will be able to take your value away from you.

So how can you find your passion to Regain yourself? Start by asking yourself these 3 questions: What things do you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time, forget to eat, forget to check your phone, etc.?

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What things do you feel very strongly about? What makes you emotional, outraged, angry, excited, overwhelmed? What do you love to talk about? Those are all specific things that I do as a result of my passion. My passion is being the Closer of Disconnects! What kind of lessons am I supposed to be learning? Fixing Are you a fixer? KarmaMethod Responsibility In taking responsibility for a breakup you empower yourself to change your future story. You need a focus, passion and identity outside of a relationship.

You have trust, intimacy, commitment issues and seeing a professional therapist or specialist would be beneficial. KarmaMethod Everything in life happens for a reason, and everything happens in seasons. Be present and mindful of the now. Keep dating.

New research on who moves on and how we recover.

You can take a pause from serious dating, but keep casually dating. Meeting new people is a great way to stay stay social and help you develop your dating criteria. Every day write down something you are grateful for in your life. Everyday write down something you are proud of about yourself. It can be an accomplishment, an attribute, progress toward a challenge Be as nice to yourself, as you are to others.

Speak positive, think positive.