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The founder of this lectureship desired to provide for a course of public lectures "upon the early history of America, particularly with reference to New England, with the purpose of inculcating a knowledge of the principles which animated the Puritan Fathers and early colonists; and of the influence they have exerted upon modern civilization. It may seem to the reader -- if there be one -- that I have neglected to take into proper consideration many influences beside those of the Puritans; but such reflections will not be justified, I think, if the field and purpose of the lectureship be taken into account.

Foundations of American Constitutionalism - David A. J. Richards - Google книги

I have adhered in this volume to the lecture form of address and have not changed to the essay form. For this reason, and probably also because of my experiences in nearly half a century of teaching, I have allowed myself to indulge in emphasis and repetition, the common and useful devices of the class-room.

My hope is that these characteristics will not be unwelcome in the printed page. To what extent the contents of the volume are new and of value to the serious student of the period covered, it is impossible for me to say. I am inclined to think that the lectures have some novelty and usefulness because they bring out the relationship between political philosophy and constitutional achievement; and the very emphasis to which I have just referred may be valuable; it is customarily difficult for a reader or a student to find his way through a tangle of his-.

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  • Foundations of American Constitutionalism - David A. J. Richards - Google книги.

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American Constitutionalism

No cover image. His bete noire is the claim that there is an unwritten, higher-law dimension to the Constitution that judges may legitimately enforce, a claim, he argues, that stems from the early twentieth-century writings of academics Christopher Columbus Langdell, Woodrow Wilson, and Edward Corwin.

The principal problem with this book is that it is simply an appeal to authority, for it neither justifies why Author: Dennis J. Date: Sept. From: Political Science Quarterly Vol. Document Type: Book review.

American Constitutionalism