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Having fun yet? It has two main weapons; suggesting tons of Keyword suggestions and giving us Google exact match result numbers. With this method we will be using Scrapebox to harvest s or s of suggestions related to our keywords. Then we will use the Google keyword tool to get volume and move on to our research weapon 2. First we will explore the suggestion possibilities and how the keyword scraper works.

Now after you get the keyword scraper open, type in the keyword you would like to scrape suggestions for. Next you can select the sources you for which the scraper will grab for suggestions. Searches can be very different on Youtube compared to typical Google queries. After you have finished the first run through scraping keywords, remove duplicates, and then you have two options. You can send the results straight to Scrapebox and move on or you can transfer them to the left and scrape the resulting keywords for more suggestions.

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You can repeat this process over and over again until you get the desired amount of keywords. Scrape, remove dupes, transfer left, scrape again, crack beer. Now install the Google Competition Finder addon. After you open the competition finder the first step is to import the keywords from Scrapebox. Also be sure that the Exact match box is ticked. This way Scrapebox will wrap your keywords in quotes and get the exact match results for each. You can also change the number of connections for large keyword lists but I would recommend keeping it at the default of Give your proxies a chance to breath.

Now you will have a nice csv with all your keywords and the corresponding results. The next step is to open the grid with excel and sort the data from low to high. Now that the custom sort screen is open, select the column with the results and sort from smallest to largest. After you click OK you will have a nice sorted list of keywords with exact match results from low to high. Depending on the yield I get, I will break the keywords down into ranges of exact match results. From there I will paste each range into the keyword tool, gather volume, and sort again, this time from high to low on the search volume.

Then you can comb through and find some easy slam dunkable keywords. This method can be extremely helpful when you have a massive list of keywords and you are trying to figure out which ones to target with some supporting content, boom, go for the ones with volume that you can easily rank for. This method will unlock those. This is by far one of the most powerful grey hat SEO areas in the game. Expired domains can hold a ton of juice, you just need to know how to find them and how to properly relaunch them.

Before diving into the Scrapebox methods we will go over the basics of expired domaining. There are three areas you can focus your domaining efforts or some combination of the three; Building a blog network, creating money sites, and link laundering. Building a blog network. Building a network is one of the most powerful SEO techniques in the business. Private Blog Network There is nothing wrong with building a private blog network.

This SEO strategy is not flawed in anyway. The only flaw is from the creator.

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If you leave a footprint, that allows Google to identify the network and your network becomes useless. And like many other things, after the Google propaganda disseminated throughout the community, people deemed PBNs worthless and ineffective. But when done right, links from your private network will be just as effective as naturally occurring links on authority sites.

Godaddy, namecheap, etc. Creating money sites. Occasionally you will find a nice domain that is fitting for a money site. In this case, congrats, you just found yourself an SEO time machine. How about building a brand new site and working with a domain like that?! Always be cautious with drastically changing the old content theme of the site.

Used effectively you will easily exceed the results from the same exact efforts on a fresh domain. Also if you get an aged domain with a diverse natural link profile you will be much safer blasting some links at the site. An existing diverse link profile can effectively camouflage grey hat link building tactics. Link laundering. This is by far the dirtiest method of all when it comes to expired domaining shenanigans. With this technique we will be using our friend the redirect to redirect pages, subdomains, or entire sites at the site or page we are trying to rank.

Effectively sending tons of link juice while also cloaking our link profile a bit.

See Bluehatseo for more info on link laundering in the traditional way, with this technique we will be link laundering through server level redirects, specifically the Step 1. Acquire expired domain. Step 2. Relaunch domain and restore everything. Step 3. Redirect domain via redirect.

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Aggressively link build to the now redirected domain. Here is the redirect code to use in you. After you set the redirect, start blasting some links and enjoy. Expired Domaining In this section we will step away from Scrapebox a bit and discuss SEO domaining domination. The thing is, for every good domain there is ten shitty ones out there that we must avoid.

Here is an overview of the process:. Part 2. Analyzing your finds. So while this is a free addon, you are not accessing the entire expired domain market. In order to do that you are going to have to use some sort of domaining service. These services pull expired feeds from all different sites on the web and also offer some metrics that Scrapebox does not. Here are my recommended domaining services that I have personally used to snag domains for over x the initial purchase price. If you are trying to build a network then the subscription will only be short term until you have completed all your domain buys.

At default ALL extensions are selected but you can specify between,. Analyzing your Domains and Confirming Their Greatness. We will be using the following tools to validate which domains are worth purchasing. Now chuck everything with no PR. This will confirm that each domains has legitimate Pagerank and not a false redirect. Open the addon and load your list from Scrapebox.

You can now scan through your domains with PR and use your judgement to identify domains with potential and that you are interested in. Now we can use one of the newest free addons, the Page Authority addon. Using the moz api to scan DA domain authority and PA page authority we can quickly identify high quality prospects. After you open the addon, click Account Setup and paste in your access id and api key in the following format. Just enough screening to allow us to move on to the next phase of analysis. Now we need to research the history of the domains and their backlink profiles.

Domain History, What we want:. Look at the whois history via domaintools to verify this. Something you can roll with? Backlink Profile, What we want:.

We want domains juiced with good links, not some piece of shit that someone blasted 10, viagra links at and threw out after they were done with it. I avoid these at all costs. Also keep an eye out for some familiar super authority links, like. A few of these areusually an indicator of a once legit domain. Step 3: Smart Bidding. Smart bidding is a very simple process that beginners will neglect. The process is simple, wait until the last minute and start bidding like a beast. When you find that money domain with links from bbc. Whatever works for you, I usually set two timers, the first one hour before the auction closes, and the second 15 minutes before the auction closes.

Be ready and pounce. Also keep in mind that early bidding will alert guys like me who occasionally just sort out domains by of bids and analyze from there.

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Then when the time is right I strike like a hungry pit viper out for Pagerank and domain authority. Conclusion — chill out and bid smart. This Guide is Originally from Jacobking. In this chapter we will be analyzing related SERPs to our keyword and looking for places to drop links. Say there is a forum powered by Vbulletin ranking on the 5th page for a relevant keyword. It would be easy to go and drop a link on that page right?

First register for the forum, make a legit profile, go post a few times in other threads, then go drop a nice juicy link on an already indexed page. Using a list of the most popular community and publishing platforms, you should be able to create simple html footprints and scan all the urls to identify the potential link drop opportunities. There are two main approaches that we can use this technique for. Simply analyzing urls related to the target keyword for link dropportunities see what I did there.

Performing deeper analysis on targeted scrapes. For both methods we will be using the page analyzer plugin to analyze the html code of all the pages we dig up. Start by scraping a bunch of keyword suggestions closely related to your target keyword. Set the results to 1, and harvest.

Remove dupe urls and open the page scanner addon. Once the page scanner is open you will need to create the footprints for it to scan with. Here are some example footprints:. Note that these footprints are different than the traditional footprints we are building when scanning for onpage text. We are taking it one step further and scanning the actual source code of the returned pages for a common html element.

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If you invest the time, you can build extremely accurate footprints and basically find any platform out there. After you have inputted the footprints and run the analyzer, export your results. All of the results will be exported and named by the footprint name. So your Vbullletin link dropportunities will all be one file name Vbulletin. Now continue your hunt and perform further link prospecting analysis on the page level.

When completed you will have a finely tuned list of relevant potential backlink targets to either hand over to a VA or run a posting script on. We are going to be finding blogs with the Comment Luv platform and do-follow links enabled. All you will need is a few bogey Twitter accounts to tweet the post and get a choice of the post you want to link to. To start we are going to be using an onpage footprint to dig up these potential comment luv dofollow drops. Here is the footprint I created, a common piece of text found right by the comment box, comes default on all Comment Luv installs.

And a bit of SEO irony there! Bust out the keyword scraper and start scraping a shit ton of related suggestions.

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