Manual Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality

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In the end they even go so far as to call themselves 'the good and the just'. Why is it that from Plato onwards every philosophical architect in Europe has built in vain?

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That everything they themselves in all sober seriousness regarded as aere perennius 3 is threatening to collapse or already lies in ruins? Alas, we have to admit today that he did not succeed in doing that, quite the contrary! Kant was, with such an enthusiastic intention, the true son of his century, which before any other can be called the century of enthusiasm: as he fortunately remained also in regard to its more valuable aspects for example in the good portion of sensism he took over into his theory of knowledge.

He too had been bitten by the moral tarantula Rousseau, he too harboured in the depths of his soul the idea of that moral fanaticism whose executor another disciple of Rousseau felt and confessed himself to be, namely Robespierre 4 , ' de fonder sur la terre l'empire de la sagesse, de la justice et de la vertu 5 ' speech of 7 June In the face of nature and history, in the face of the thorough immorality of nature and history, Kant was, like every good German of the old stamp, a pessimist; he believed in morality, not because it is demonstrated in nature and history, but in spite of the fact that nature and history continually contradict it.

To understand this 'in spite of', one might perhaps recall something similar in Luther 6 , that other great pessimist who, with all the audacity native to him, once admonished his friends: 'if we could grasp by reason who the God who shows so much wrath and malice can be just and merciful, what need would we have of faith? But logical evaluations are not the deepest or most fundamental to which our audacious mistrust can descend: faith in reason, with which the validity of these judgments must stand or fall, is, as faith, a moral phenomenon.

Perhaps German pessimism still has one last step to take? Perhaps it has once again to set beside one another in fearful fashion its credo and its absurdum?

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Out of morality! Finally, however: why should we have to say what we are and what we want and do not want so loudly and with such fervour? Let us view it more coldly, more distantly, more prudently, from a greater height; let us say it, as it is fitting it should be said between ourselves, so secretly that no one hears it, that no one hears us! Above all let us say it slowly.

A book like this, a problem like this, is in no hurry; we both, I just as much as my book, are friends of lento 9.

by Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by R.J. Hollingdale, introduction by Michael Tan

My patient friends, this book desires for itself only perfect readers and philologists: learn to read me well! Perry mason the crimson kiss.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview Daybreak marks the arrival of Nietzsche's "mature" philosophy and is indispensable for an understanding of his critique of morality and "revaluation of all values. Product Details Table of Contents.