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Dash slips into a vision. He sees Olena attempting to write a letter to him in quaveer. She accidentally knocks an ink bottle over, spoiling the letter. Nazuri walks in then to comfort her. Their relationship seems good, much different than Dash imagined. Dash somehow accidentally knocks the glass ink bottle onto the floor. Olena and Nazuri hear it. Nazuri asks if she was writing to the stable boy. Dash is shocked the prince knows about him. He comes out of the vision and awakes somewhere icy cold. A war council meeting is called in Wildenhaven. They ask Casimir if he plans on taking back the Oremian throne if they find a way to win.


The old way was with one person from each royal family, but Ermias and his whole family is dead. Casimir says it depends. Bleak goes outside with the panthers. Casimir joins her and mentions a weapon he has to use against Ines, but it took one person from each of the three ruling families to operate. He asks what she can remember from her youth.

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He asks her to push her memories into him. When she sees Casimir with Ines in one memory, they both come to. Casimir admits he was in love with Ines until he realized her evil plans and started working against her. He tells how Ines slowly gained power with her ability to host multiple Ashai powers. Ines eventually sowed seeds of discord between the ruling families.

Ines eventually found and captured Casimir. She tortured his mind by day and then spent the night with him each night.

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Bleak and Casimir are summoned to a meeting with the leaders. Bleak peeks in. Luka spots her and pulls her into the party. In the middle of the celebration, the battle horn sounds. Someone has arrived.

Eydis, Henri, and Sahara go out to investigate. They bring in a stranger holding a young boy…and Fiore. Bleak realizes she knows the boy. She saw him at the palace on Heathton. He has the plague. Henri is furious they brought someone with the plague near her kindred. It ages the person he heals, using their stronger, wiser mind and body to fight their ailment. Dash ages from ten to seventeen or eighteen. Casimir says the rest is up to him. Henri now thinks the boy looks familiar. They leave him with Tailor. Fi apologizes to Bleak about Bren. Fi says he must be dead because no one survives there.

Henri says the Valians will join her to try to repay her for bringing Sahara home. Henri asks Sahara whether she wants her birthright to rule the Valians back. But she asks Henri to wait to name an heir. Henri says she plans on doing both.

Ruin Mist Dawn of the Ages written by Robert Stanek.

Eydis asks what her plan is. Fi steps forward saying he has one. She thinks Sahara might be trying to manipulate her. This makes Henri furious. She demands that Athene leave.

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Back in his room, Swinton takes the coin from around his neck to see what vision his magic gives him. He wants news of his son. Instead he sees King Arden standing over the lifeless body of his daughter Olena. Therese brings Swinton a letter from King Arden. It tells him Fi plans to breach Moredon Tower. He commands Swinton to stop him for the sake of Dash. Dash wakes up healed in his new body. Tailor takes him to Casimir to ask a few questions. He has a vision of war and tells Tailor and Casimir about it. Bleak, Sahara, Henri, and the Valians sail away on icy waters to rescue Bren. Bleak feels like something is missing without him by her side.

Fi allows Bleak to travel in his mind to see the prison to give them an advantage before they enter. Henri and the Valians pose as prostitutes and infiltrate the guard quarters when they come ashore. Bleak and Fi sneak off toward the prison. Fi knows the guards out front. Fi, Sahara, and other Valians appear and capture Langdon. They carry Bren away. Bleak wants to release the other Ashai held here. She and Sahara break open each cell as they pass, urging the prisoners to climb upward.

Swinton and Fi duel, all the while discussing Dash. They stop fighting before either is hurt badly when Swinton learns the full truth about his son. Bleak and the Valians are departing with Bren. Fi wants Swinton to go with them. Fi stays back with him.

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Swinton sails back to Battalon with Fi in the brig as as prisoner. They know people are suspicious. They bail overboard at night and swim to the Bay of Gifts together. They run deep into the slums. Fi is faltering from his wounds from battles at the prison and against Swinton.

Ethelda knows Fi well and begins to tend his wounds. Swinton rests while Ethelda demands Fi tell her the full story as payment. She gives them each a pack of supplies. The girl was looking for a cure for her magic. Swinton sails back to Battalon with Fi in the brig as a prisoner. They know people are suspicious, so at night they jump overboard and swim to the Bay of Gifts together.

They run deep into the slums after they come ashore. Athene comes to say the Ashai are being treated. She sees her relationship with Henri; Athene telling Luka Henri left with Bleak, so now is the time to show her leadership skills; and Sahara in the Forest of Ghosts arguing with Athene before walking into the mist, with Athene doing nothing to stop her. Athene shakes Bleak awake, begging to know what she saw.

Bren wakes up, asking Bleak who Alarise is. After Sahara and Casimir arrive, they ask what it means. Casimir is one of the other heirs, too. The third died years ago as a child. Bren calls Bleak a liar over and over. Eydis questions Dash about his abilities.

She asks him to join her on the battlefield. She asks Luka to make sure he can hold his own in a fight. They spar. Luka bests Dash at first but can tell he has potential. Henri thinks it will be enough to keep her fighting for life. Sahara thinks bringing her here among family, even with the impending war, is the best chance for survival. Bleak goes with Henri to deliver the letter. Athene tries to accompany them, but Henri suspicious.

Bleak says Henri should ask Sahara. Henri asks Bleak if Dash reminds her of anyone. Henri finds Eydis and Dash talking quietly with Bear at her feet. Nicolai charges into the room saying enemies have come ashore and mist is rolling in. Eydis asks Dash to stick close to her. Bleak and Dash talk a bit a dinner. They remember each other from the castle. Fi leads Swinton through the Battalonian marketplace to meet with his contact. Klamath sneaks them into a garden where Olena is with Prince Nazuri. He also mentions Dash is actually his son.

Nazuri and Olena agree to meet them at the stables that night. Swinton makes Fi vow to tell him about his past someday while they wait. When Nazuri and Olena arrive, they all ride off into the sunrise.

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Fi urges Swinton to take his coin necklace off. Fingering it has become a tell. His direct line to Dash becomes taut. She asks for anyone willing to use their magic in a fight against Ines and King Arden. Bleak tries to visit Bren before she leaves for war. He orders her out. Dash has a vision of being trapped in an icy river. This website uses cookies. By further browsing you consent to such use. Short Stories.

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